What is lupus disease

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Lupus_diseaseLupus or (systemic lupus erythematosus) as known by its scientific name, is an autoimmune disease that affects many parts of the body and causes the body’s immune system to turn against its own cells and tissues. This then manifests itself in the body as an inflammation and damage to the tissues.

Over 1.4 million people in the US suffer from lupus disease and it is known to be a hereditary disease thought to be triggered by certain environmental factors and is not contagious.

Unfortunately lupus disease is very hard to correctly diagnose because it often mimics the symptoms and drug reactions of other diseases. Therefore a doctor may be unable to make an accurate diagnosis of the disease the first couple of times unless he is a specialist on the disease.

The organs that are most commonly affected by this disease are heart, skin, lungs, blood vessels, liver kidney and nervous system.

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Cure or treatment
A few years ago doctors had a very difficult time figuring out what is lupus disease especially since it kept on manifesting different signs and symptoms. As a result many people who suffered from this disease did not live for very long and often died from the symptoms. Today however, all that has changed and it possible to get an accurate diagnosis of the disease and receive treatment to manage the symptoms.

Unfortunately though there is no cure yet for lupus disease and most of the treatment focuses on controlling the outbreak of the disease and its associated symptoms.

Although it is yet to be scientifically confirmed some patients with the disease have claimed that keeping certain diet plans has significantly helped in reducing the painful effects of the disease. Check out some of these diet plans here.

Common symptoms
Because lupus disease affects so many parts of the body it will often first manifest itself through common symptoms like fever, joint pains, and fatigue. But the most identifiable symptom for this disease is the outbreak of a butterfly shaped rash on the skin particularly on the face. These rashes may also manifest themselves on other parts of the body as red patches on the skin.

Also because this disease will affect many parts it’s symptoms will manifest in different parts of the body such as:

- Skin – Here the symptoms are manifested as a rash or red scaly patches or wound on the skin.
- Musculoskeletal- Here the disease will affect the muscles and the joins hence joint and muscle pain are common.
- Hematological – This is where the symptoms affect the blood of the person will have low platelet and white blood cell count as well as suffering from anemia.
- Cardiac –People suffering from lupus are known to develop heart problems as a result of the disease.
- Renal – The disease is known to affect the kidneys of a person and may even cause them to suffer kidney failure.
- Neurological – Many suffers of this disease will have various neurological problems such as mood disorders, anxiety, psychosis, seizures and depression.

As can be seen from some of the areas affected by the disease getting an accurate diagnosis can be elusive at times but once a correct diagnosis is obtained the current drugs available can make life with the disease a bit more manageable.

A number of people suffering from this disease have also reported an improvement in their condition by following a diet plan that eliminates certain types of foods that are known to trigger or aggravate the disease. Click here get the lupus friendly diets.

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