Exploring What Couses Lupus

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Lupus, short for systemic lupus erythematosus, is a chronic inflammatory disease capable of affecting parts of the body including skin, joints, blood, heart, lungs, kidneys and nervous system. Lupus symptoms depend on the severity of the disease and what body organs it is affecting. There are many theories on what causes lupus. Part of the susceptibility to lupus is in our genes. People of Hispanic, African, Asian, Native American and Pacific Island Decent seem to have a larger chance of developing lupus.

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Genes may not be what cause lupus, but make certain people more susceptible to developing this disease. Lupus tends to run in families. If a family member develops lupus, others in that family are more likely to also develop lupus. A study of a lupus sufferers’ family medical history often shows past relatives that had the disease. What causes lupus to develop in susceptible people?

It seems that there are environmental triggers that cause a person to develop lupus or have a lupus flare up. Lupus is a disease that has varying levels of severity, and can have periods of time when the symptoms are less pronounced followed by flare ups of worse symptoms. Some of the environmental triggers for lupus are sunlight, ultraviolet rays from fluorescent bulbs, sulfa drugs and diuretics, any sun sensitizing drug, antibiotic drugs and emotional stress. If you have a family history that includes lupus, you would be wise to avoid the sun, tanning tables and any medication, or food supplement that makes you more sensitive to the sun’s rays.

There are health factors that can cause you to get lupus, or cause a flare up of existing lupus. Some health factors that are what causes lupus in susceptible people are infections, colds and viral illnesses, exhaustion, emotional stress, an injury, pregnancy or giving birth and other things causing great stress to the body such as surgery or physical harm. Hormones may be part of what causes lupus, or at least causes flare ups. Estrogen production is greater in women than in men and more women suffer from lupus.

Then, one must consider the fact that many people who get lupus can not identify any of the above factors happening prior to being diagnosed with lupus. There are still many studies being done to find ways to prevent and treat lupus.

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